Dashboard & Reports

Defining your business Key Performance Indicators “KPI” is an integral element to measure the overall performance, growth, predict and plan future resources. 

A dashboard is a graphical representation of organisation data in various areas including 

  • Financial KPI
  • Marketing KPI
  • Sales KPI
  • Project Management and others

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Software Development Path


Most frequent questions and answers

The time to assess, build and make a software available totally depends on the requirements complexity. Our intital step and capturing business requirements will allow us to scope and estimate a time frame to deliver. 

Costs are based entirely upon the number of deveopper hours required to design, build and deliver the solution. In addtion, to any licensing of third party components that may incur, as well as cloud hositng services fees, if required.

Absolutly, We will design and build an APP specific for your own team, or clients use.

Additionally, APP can integrate with your existing accounting or ERP system.

Talk to us to discuss your needs.

Yes, Providing your are up to date with a support plan. Our help desk will always be available to address any technical difficulties.

Some projects may impose a hefty investment. The good news is, the development can be split into multiple stages that take place in order of priority. Allowing key requirements to be delivered first and reducing the financial burden.

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